“The innovative approaches in protecting communication infrastructures

and the exploitation of the results”

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate innovative approaches in protecting communication infrastructures developed in the RESISTO project and to investigate the exploitation of the results. To this end, RESISTO partner intend to invite academics, practitioners, and policy-makers involved in this field to engage with one another in a virtual workshop setting.
The event will be divided in two main components:
  • the first introduces the RESISTO projects and use cases;
  • the second is composed by two open sessions.
Each open session will start with a brief presentation on relevant scenarios and then the participants will be involved in open discussions. A wrap up session will conclude the event.



The Registrations are closed. The event will be share in live streaming on RESISTO YouTube channel > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBPf6DpayLtEwZRmF58g3zg



AGENDA [March, 17th 2021 – Online event]

10:00    “The RESISTO project” – Bruno Saccomanno
10:15    “The RESISTO use cases” – Alessandro Neri, Stefano Panzieri

10:30    virtual coffee break

10:40    “Telecom Security SoA vs RESISTO” – Ioan Constantin, Jorge Carapinha
10:50    Open discussion

11:10    virtual coffee break

11:20    “Real Market Scenarios” – Federico Frosali, Claudio Becchetti
11:30    Open discussion

11:50    Wrap up session

12:00    End of workshop

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> For more info you can write to: Federica Pascussi [federica.pascucci@uniroma3.it] and Arianna Magni [magni@apre.it]

We are waiting for you online!