3rd – 5th December 2018 at Venice, Italy

Methods and tools to assess multi-hazard risk, vulnerability and resilience



These topics will be addressed by scientists and practitioners working in different fields (geographers, physicists, statisticians, informatics, economists, environmental, social scientists etc.), to advance in cross-fertilization of concepts and sharing of best practices in different application contexts (environmental management, disaster risk reduction, emergency planning and climate change adaptation).
Key questions driving the discussion during the workshop will be:

  • Why do we need multi-risk assessments? (for example to improve risk perception, decision-making under uncertainty, adaptive policies, risk governance)
  • What are the gaps? (for example limitations of current multi-hazard/-risk assessment approaches)
  • What is new / innovative? (for example multi-risk tools considering different types of interactions with climate change, disasters and resilience management, spatial/temporal scales)
  • How can IT help us in understanding multi-risk dynamics and in validating? (for example big-data applications, machine learning, visualization tools, cloud platforms, GIS and Earth Observation)


Download the RESISTO poster showed at the event

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