Organized by the University of Luxembourg (SNT) and itrust consulting sàrl, the 3rd ATENA Workshop will take place in the University of Luxembourg Premises on Thursday 18th October (9:00 to 17:30).

During the workshop, the partners of the consortium will present the results of their research and will perform some demonstration of tools, in particular regarding:

  • The detection capabilities provided by the IADS (Intrusion and Anomaly Detection System), a smart and distributed detection system.
  • The simulation tools for Electrical, Gaz and Water domains.
  • The risk analysis and security protection enhancement methodologies and tools.
  • The holistic risk prediction tool for multi-layers and distributed infrastructure.
  • The strategy and technological components to improve the mitigation of risk in a distributed infrastructure.
  • The hybrid testbed including virtual and real components of gas and electrical infrastructure.

The workshop will also be an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in critical infrastructure cybersecurity and to discuss the issues and risks generated by the new technologies that are developing within the Smart Grid.